What's an estate plan? The simple answer is precise words on paper. 

Estate plans allow people to know what will happen to them, their children, and their assets in the event they die or become seriously ill. An estate plan consists of legal documents that are selected and customized according to the needs of an individual. Willwright helps you decide what bundle of estate planning documents you need and customizes each document for you.  

Many estate planning attorneys charge by the hour. Willwright charges a flat fee. Our service costs $625 per person and includes any and all of the following documents: will, trust, power of attorney, and/or health care directive. 

Many estate planning attorneys do other things besides estate planning, like probate or family law. At Willwright, we specialize in only one thing so that we can deliver consistently excellent results at an affordable price. 

Many estate planning attorneys make their clients come to them. At Willwright, we give you the choice to meet at our office in downtown Minneapolis or we will come to you wherever you are.